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DVM is a professional degree. Veterinarian is competent enough to practice (diagnose, treatment and management) in the field involving large and small animals as self employment. He is also trained and skilled to manage poultry and dairy farms and enhance the productivity. During training, a student is exposed to clinics in Medicine, Surgery and Animal Reproduction. Successful graduates can get employment in Livestock & Dairy Development Department in the public sector in all the provinces of Pakistan. In this they can go to the Veterinary Hospitals, Disease diagnosis labs, Breed Improvement, Livestock Farms, Extension services, and Research. Some join as academia and some decide to go abroad. Numerous graduates from SBBUVAS are now practicing vets in North America and other developed countries. SBBUVAS veterinary graduates also serve as commissioned officers in Pakistan Army (RV&FC) and Rangers. Emerging dairy and poultry sector which has multi national and national companies in the country is looking forward with exciting packages to hire vet graduates for their agri-livestock services, farms, processing plants. In short, this is a unique professional field in which a graduate can choose any or all domestic animals to become a specialist and build an exciting carrier.