Technical Bid Evaluation of Laboratory Equipment


Nerve muscle preparation apparatus


Microtome Rotary and Blade Sharpener


Hot air oven with all accessories power


Kymograph with accessories and plotter (Machine)


Infra red lamp


Magnetic Stirrer with hot plate with all accessories


Sterilizers (Instruments)


Lactoanalyzer complete with all accessories


Furnace Muffle Inner chamber


Flask/tube shaker


Balance Electronic with all accessories


Homogenizer Lab type


Electocardiogram Complete


Fermenter (lab) with all accessories


Emasculator for equines


Distillation apparatus (glass) with all accessories


Egg Incubator


Egg Chandler Complete


Egg grader machine complete


Photometer (digital)


PH meters (digital)


Cheese making equipment


Cream separator


Kjeldhal crude protein


Centrifuge machines electric


Butter refactometer


Chick sexing machine


De-beaking equipment


Binocular microscope


Battery brooder (poultry)


Paraffins dispensers


Bone cutter (electric)


Autoclave horizontal


Balance monopane (electric)


Phanthom boxes


Shell thickness measuring equipment


Paraffin floatation bath


Tissue floatation water bath


Vaccum pump with all accessories


Water suction pump lab


Water bath lab


Microscope fitted with camera

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