Department of Poultry Production


The Department has been established with the main objectives to impart the quality education and hand-on training of students to cater the needs of poultry industry through enhancing egg and meat production in the country. The department also has a close liaison with the other professional institutes, Universities, Pakistan Poultry Association (PPA) and leading poultry farmers, breeders, poultry feed millers and hatchery men and has formulated a Poultry Working Group in order to discuss problems faced by poultry industry and formulation of viable strategies. Recently, this department also establishes “Poultry Science Club” in which faculty and students closely interacted with poultry farmers and provide all facilities related to their business. Department head, faculty and advisors have an “open door” policy for students and stakeholders that provide a family-oriented atmosphere.

Extension Services

Besides teaching and research work, the department is also providing extension services in the form of technical advices to layer, broiler and breeder farmers, hatcheries, Poultry Processing plants and allied groups. A close liaison has been established between the department and different national and international groups of poultry industry which helps in identifying the real issues and problems of Poultry industry. The research findings based on problem oriented research is communicated to the stake holders through meetings and group discussions.

Research Priorities

* Evolving high yielding germ-plasm for commercial & rural poultry sector.
* Optimizing feed & nutrient requirement of poultry birds for different stages & purposes.
* Poultry processing, value addition, product development and marketing.
* Poultry reproductive physiology.
* Poultry Housing & Environment and Hatchery Management.

Staff Position

D.V.M., M.Sc. (Hons.) (SAU), PhD (UVAS)
Faculty of Animal Production & Technology
Shaheed Benazir Bhutto
University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences (SBBUVAS)
Sakrand-67210, Pakistan
Phone (Landline): +92 244 322 250, 322 150-54
Fax: +92 244 322 151
Cell: +92 300 288 4168, +92 333 755 0580
Updated CV

D.V.M., M.Sc. (Hons.) (SAU)
Lecturer/In-charge Chairperson
Department of Poultry Production
Phone (Landline): +92 244 322 250
On Study Leave for Ph.D studies (UVAS, Lahore)
Updated CV

Course Offered

Old Courses
Sr.No   Course Code Course Title  Credit Hours 
 01  POUL-302  Introduction of Poultry production       1(1-1)
 02  POUL-402  Poultry Breeding and Hatchery management       2(1-1)
 03  POUL-502  Poultry Housing and Farm management       3(2-1)
 04  POUL-702  Poultry Farm Operation       2(0-2)

New Courses
Sr.No   Course Code Course Title  Credit Hours 
 01  PPRO-302  Introduction of Poultry Production       1(1-0)
 02  PPRO-601  Commercial Poultry Production       2(1-1)
 03  PPRO-602  Breeder and Hatchery Management       3(2-1)




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