Department of Livestock Production


Increasing productivity, especially in the small to medium scale production systems, is currently constrained by lack of skills, knowledge and appropriate technologies compounded by insufficient access to markets, goods and services, and weak institutions. The result is that both production and productivity remain below potential, and losses and wastage can be high. However, adapted breeds, local feed resources and animal health interventions are available, along with improved and adapted technologies that include sound animal husbandry, on and off -farm product preservation and value-adding product processing. Together with supportive policies and institutions, they have the potential to substantially improve productivity, income generation and to make a major contribution to poverty reduction.
The department of Livestock Production is actively engaged in imparting education and hands on training in the fields of management and production of various species of livestock especially large and small ruminants. The department has Livestock Demonstration Farms of dairy, sheep and goats with the purpose of providing practical insight and hands-on training to the students. Department also providing training and consultancy services to livestock farmers.

Extension Services

Besides teaching and research work, the department is also providing extension services in the form of technical advices to livestock farmers, stakeholders and allied groups. A close liaison has been established between the department and different national and international groups of livestock industry which helps in identifying the real issues and problems of industry. The research findings based on problem oriented research is communicated to the stake holders through meetings and group discussions.

Staff Position

Mr. Ali Mujtaba Shah
D.V.M, M.Phil (SAU)
Cell: ++92 300 310 1047, +92 300 931 3360
On Study Leave for Ph.D (China)
Updated CV

Course Offered

Old Courses
Sr.No   Course Code Course Title  Credit Hours 
 01  LM-301  Introduction to Livestock Management       1(0-1)
 02  LM-402  Small Ruminant Production       2(1-1)
 03  LM-501  Livestock Economics and Business Management       3(3-0)
 04  LM-503  Dairy Production       3(2-1)
 05  LM-505  Livestock Extension Education       2(2-0)
 06  LM-502  Beef Production       2(1-1)
 07  LM-601  Equine and Camel Production       2(0-2)
 08  LM-702  Routine Farm Operations       2(1-1)

New Courses
Sr.No   Course Code Course Title  Credit Hours 
 01  LPRO-301  Fundamental of Livestock Production       2(1-1)
 02  EXT-402  Extension Education       2(2-0)
 03  LPRO-502  Principles of Dairy Production       3(2-1)
 04  LPRO-601  Beef and Mutton Production       2(1-1)
 05  LPRO-701  Animal Welfare and ethics       2(2-0)
 06  LPRO-702  Livestock Economics and Business Management       2(2-0)




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