Department of Fisheries & Aquaculture


Pakistan is endowed with rich fishing potential. This sector makes significant contribution to the national economy, contributing about one percent to GDP and providing jobs to about one percent of the country’s labor force. Our goal is to provide students with the knowledge needed to make wise decisions on issues of sustainable aquaculture, conservation and ecosystem restoration. Sustainable use of aquatic resources is a global, national as well as local issue. Balancing the needs of expanding human population with the need for preservation of water quality and aquatic fauna requires a fundamental understanding and management of these resources and that can only be gained through education and research. On the other hand, aquaculture is the fastest growing segment of the agriculture industry. Coupled with cutting edge technologies of the day, it has become one of the most expanding and rapidly changing fields. The Department is carrying out teaching and research in both basic and applied aspects in the frontier areas such as development of cost effective fish feed, artificial fish breeding, biotechnology, aquatic environment, fish disease and health management, use of bio-fertilizers in aquaculture, aquaculture in saline water ponds. During the last decade the sector has been strengthened with the much needed technical manpower and competent extension personnel with effective transfer of technology.

Department mandate also includes:
a. To conduct capsule courses for catering to the refresher training needs of fisheries developmental and extension personnel
b. To conduct basic and applied research in areas of fisheries science and technology through institutional and collaborative efforts
c. To conduct need-based capsule/vocational training on various technologies related to fisheries and allied disciplines
d. To provide institutional support for consultancy and participation in sponsored projects and programs with other institutions and agencies for fisheries research in inland, coastal and marine (both within the exclusive economic zone and beyond) sectors.
Department is creating additional and alternative careers for veterinarians and biologists in Fisheries and Aquaculture sector. Specialization in fisheries & aquaculture sciences prepares the students for employment in commercial aquaculture, aquaculture extension, fish hatchery management, natural resource management, environmental impact assessment and sustainable development. Our staff and young faculty also take pride in teaching, advising and public outreach. Our advising staff provides personal attention to our students. The faculty intends to equip the students with necessary expertise & skills to cater the growing employment needs of this sector in the country and abroad.

Staff Position

Dr. Shaista Jalbani
BS, M.Phil, Ph.D (UoS)
Assistant Professor
Field of Specialization: Fisheries & Aquaculture
Cell # +92-335-8166956
Updated CV

Course Offered

Old Courses
Sr.No   Course Code Course Title  Credit Hours 
 01  FISH -402  Introduction to fisheries and Aquaculture       2(1+1)

New Courses
Sr.No   Course Code Course Title  Credit Hours 
 01  AQUA-602  Fisheries and Aquaculture       1(0+1)




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