Department of Animal Products Technology


Department of Animal Products Technology offering basic courses for undergraduate degree program in this discipline, aspire to provide quality education and training for development of well-skilled manpower in a stimulating and conducive learning atmosphere with intellectual and technological tools necessary to meet the global challenges of the future in the discipline for the benefit of our society and economic uplift of our country with the motto “Learn Today, Do Tomorrow”. Highly motivated and professionally skilled young faculty fortitudes to keep the pace of growth of department in skyward direction.


The main objectives of the program are:

1. To provide research opportunities to the academician/researcher/industry professional in the area of Animal Products Technology

2. To upgrade the technical proficiency of existing personals working in the dairy and allied sectors.

3. To facilitate research and development activities for dairy industry.

4. To develop young entrepreneurs for self-employment through dairy technology and associated technical activities.

Staff Position

Mr. Yar Muhammad Jalbani
D.V.M., M.Phil. (SAU)
Department of Dairy Technology
Cell: +92(0) 312 828 8000
On Study Leave for Ph.D (China)
Updated CV

Mr. Arab Khan Lund
D.V.M, M.Phil (SAU)
Cell: +92 333 706 3256, 307 271 9609
Updated CV

Course Offered

Old Courses
Sr.No   Course Code Course Title  Credit Hours 
 01  APT-502  Dairy Technology       2(1-1)
 02  APT-601  Meat Hygiene and Public Health       2(1-1)
 03  APT-701  Meat and Slaughter by products Technology       3(2-1)

New Courses
Sr.No   Course Code Course Title  Credit Hours 
 01  DTECH-701  Dairy Technology       2(1-1)




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